Skate 61st National Championship - Busselton, WA - Thurs 28Dec17 thru Fri 05Jan18.

Date: May 2017 Source: Margaret Shiner


Initial details now available for the 61st Skate National Championship to be hosted by Geographe Bay Yacht Club at Busselton, Western Australia, a favourite Skate Nationals venue.

Provisional Race Schedule
Thu 28 Dec: Invitation Race / Heat 1
Fri 29 Dec: Heat 2
Sat 30 Dec: Lay Day
Sun 31 Dec: Heats 3 & 4 (back to back)
Mon 01 Jan: Lay Day - Skippers vs Crews Lawn Bowls
Tue 02 Jan: Heat 5 (Provision for Resail)
Wed 03 Jan: Lay Day - Winery Tour
Thu 04 Jan: Heat 6 (Provision for Resail)
Fri 05 Jan: Heat 7 / Presentation Night

2016-17 Season Club and State Results

Date: July 2017 Source: Greg Halliday


St George, NSW
Club Champion: 981 Any Which Way - D Luck, D Vlotman/D Crawford
Season Pointscore: 954 Grey Ghost - K Sinton, C Sinton

NSW State Championship
State Champion: 957 Never Give N Inch (StGSC) - J Grant, G Crichton
Season Pointscore: 977 Take It Easy (StGSC) - M Winney, E Sills

WA State Championship
State Champion: 978 Megasaurarse (EFYC) - P Shiner, J Bessen/P Anesbury
Season Pointscore: 937 Gobstopper (EFYC)- S Fico, M Minutillo

Full Details

Skate 60th National Championship Results - Ceduna, SA - 29Dec16 thru 06Jan17

Date: January 2017 Source: Greg Halliday


Father and son team Brett and Cameron Fannon of Western Australia are the winners of the 60th Skate National Championship, on their beautifully prepared and maintained Skate 949 - Tasty Fish. The win is Brett's third, and Cameron's second, and their second championship win together following on from their previous win in the 58th National Championship at Rockingham, WA.
The Skates returned to the waters of Murat Bay, Ceduna after a 19 year break and the series was contested by 11 boats from St George and Toronto, NSW, and East Fremantle WA.
Details of all prizewinners plus more stories and photos from the titles can be found here.

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